Sunday, January 26, 2014

This week's events

Our calendar is full of wonderful CC events to inspire and inform!

Open House:      Springboro
            Date & Time:  Jan. 28th, 9:15 to noon
Host Name: Sherry Swigart
Contact Email:  for directions RSVP for directions

Open House:  Beavercreek
Date & Time:  Jan. 28th, 9am to 3pm
Host Name: Rosann Richter   
Contact Email:

Open House:  Xenia
            Date & Time:  Jan. 29th, 9am to 3pm
Host Name: Emily Ruffner
Contact Email:

Information Meeting:  Beavercreek
            Date & Time:  Jan. 30th, 7 to 9pm
Host Name: Rosann Richter
Contact Email:

Information Meeting:  Xenia
            Date & Time: Jan. 30th, 7 to 9pm
Host Name: Jodi Stratton
Contact Email:


You are welcome to attend any and all events. We do ask that you let us know you (and any little ones) are planning to attend, if possible. Please contact me with any concerns or questions.  Contact each host for further location details.

Information Meetings are gatherings where we discuss the tenets of the classical method and how our comprehensive CC curriculum puts that method into practice. Our programs are outlined to share the knowledge that parents are absolutely capable of homeschooling from the early grades through high school. Open Houses are opportunities to see our programs and leaders in action.